Rare Privilege sits in with Duck Creek November 16

On November 16, Marie Terres and Amy McFarland (aka Rare Privilege) will be sitting in with Duck Creek during our regular Thursday dance. They’re joining us just for fun, so there’s no extra charge!

Rare Privilege features Maria Terres on fiddle and Amy McFarland on piano. Their music has often been described as “way more sound than we ever though two instruments could make.” Devotion to their individual instruments, a sense of innovation, and a deep love and respect for the living tradition of folk music and dance combine to give their music an imaginative and lyrical energy and drive.

Rare Privilege plays for New England Style Contra Dancing, Irish and Scottish Social Dancing, English Country Dancing, and many other traditional dance styles. Based in Wisconsin, they have performed throughout the US and Canada.

Rare Privilege will also be playing for the Cincinnati Contra Dancers on Monday Nov 13 and Fleur de Lis weekend in Louisville Nov 17-19.